Over the past 9 years Kids Brain Health Network has funded some of the best science and leading researchers across the country to understand brain development and identify what goes wrong and why.

We’ve also been listening. And Learning. In all our activities, we focus on making a difference now, and in the future.

We develop tools for earlier screening, because the sooner a neurodisability is identified, the sooner interventions and services can be harnessed to optimize the best developmental outcomes for each child.

We discover and evaluate effective treatments that make a difference, and work to ensure they are made available to every child who could benefit, regardless of the province or territory they call home.

We assess and implement supports for families and caregivers to improve family wellbeing and help children reach their full capacity.

We train the next generation of developmental neuroscientists, provide enriched learning opportunities, and foster skills to help them excel in the workforce.

We mobilize our findings into improved guidelines, policies and practices.

We deliver impact that benefits Canada and Canadians.

We do this by partnering with community groups, non-profit organizations, industry, parents, clinicians, health professionals, provincial and federal governments and everyone who can play a role in advancing knowledge to improve outcomes for children with neurodisabilities and their families.