Sharing a Perspective Only a Mother Can Bring to the UN CRPD

Hi, my name is Rachel Martens, a 38 year-old mom of one from Calgary, Alberta, Canada with many hats to wear. I teach crochet, study as a part-time university student, and work as a research assistant for a KBHN-funded project called “Parents Partnering in Research,” (PPR) which is run through the CanChild Centre for Childhood [...]

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Children with Disabilities Need Better Access to Sport

Following the June release of the 2018 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth, Kids Brain Health Researchers began collaborating on an opinion piece focusing on their particular contribution to the report: the evidence around the benefits of physical activity and brain development kids with neurodisabilities. The text of an Op-Ed, published [...]

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Adding Experience to Expertise – How Parents can Impact the Relevance of Research

Parents of children with disabilities are stepping up to take a powerful role in shaping relevant, impactful research. Their greatest asset: their own personal, lived experiences of caring for their child. Parents Participating in Research (PPR), a Kids Brain Health Network-funded private Facebook group, is part of an emerging research model that brings parents and [...]

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Dr. James Reynolds Appointed Interim Chief Scientific Officer of Kids Brain Health Network

Dr. James Reynolds, Professor of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, and Associate Dean in the School of Graduate Studies at Queen’s, has been appointed as the Interim Chief Scientific Officer of Kids Brain Health Network (KBHN). One of the original researchers in KBHN, Dr. Reynolds has been a highly engaged in the Network in both leadership [...]

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KBHN Board Chair and KBHN Associate Investigator recognized for contributions in ASD care

Kids Brain Health Network is delighted to congratulate Dr. Sheila Laredo, KBHN Chair of the Board of Directors, and Dr. Evdokia Anagnostou, KBHN associate investigator, and their peers on the Ontario Autism Program Advisory Committee who were recently awarded the Gerry Bloomfield Award by Autism Ontario. The Ontario Autism Program Advisory Committee is an advisory [...]

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Game on! Exergames research examines relationship between activity and cognitive improvements

An article from the UFV Today highlights the work of Kids Brain Health Network trainees in adapting Exergames, a physical activity program originally designed for children and youth with CP, to explore the impact of exercise and cognition in children with FASD. "HURRY UP CHEETAH! GO! GO! GO!!” There’s high-energy action in a resource room at [...]

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Being Active Boosts Kids’ Brain Health

Kids Brain Health Network  supports findings in the 2018 ParticipACTION Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth. Released today, the Report Card gave Canadian kids a score of D+ for Overall Physical Activity. This grade is particularly alarming considering that this year’s Report Card also highlights important connections between physical activity and kids’ [...]

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Board Vice Chair Colin Deacon Appointed to Senate

Kids Brain Health Network is delighted to share that the Hon. Colin Deacon was appointed an independent Senator on June 18. Senator Deacon, who fills a vacant Senate seat in Nova Scotia, has led a distinguished career as an entrepreneur and business leader. His leadership in promoting technology start-ups and businesses has helped create new jobs [...]

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Mental Health Across Generations: the role of antidepressants in maternal and child wellbeing

Existing evidence on the impact of antidepressant use during pregnancy on child development is often too mixed to offer women concrete answers about the implications for their children. This difficult, but urgent area of research has been a long-term research interest for Network Investigator Dr. Tim Oberlander, and the focus of a Brain Canada-KBHN postdoctoral [...]

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