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A Call to the KBHN Research Community: We Need Your Input

Inviting all Kids Brain Health-affiliated researchers to join KBHN Headquarters in shaping the future of the Network as we move toward a potential third cycle of funding. We will use the draft text of  KBHN's evolving value proposition as the basis of our discussion. Our value propositions is intended to be a clear statement of [...]

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Kids Brain Health Annual Conference 2019

Watch this space for updates on our conference venue, program, and sponsorship opportunities! Join us, as we explore the impact and future direction of Kids Brain Health and our investigators in dialogue with families and front-line organizations, and host dynamic speakers specializing in developmental neuroscience and neurodisabilities from beyond our borders.  

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Understanding Families’ Experiences: Why a Diagnosis Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

In the early 2000s, Sharon McCarry was a globe-trotting Fortune-500 marketing director working ten to 12 hours a day. When her second child, Colm, started showing developmental delays during his first year, it was the beginning of “a life that was different, in every single aspect,” she says. McCarry, who lives in Montreal, left behind [...]

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Seeking Expressions of Interest for the Post of KBHN Chief Scientific Officer

Kids Brain Health Network is recruiting for the post of Chief Scientific Officer. We have launched a search committee, and are contacting partners and individuals and organizations closely allied to the Network and its activities to assist in identifying suitable candidates for this highly strategic position within Canada’s neurodevelopmental community. As a national network of [...]

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Celebrating the Canadian Cerebral Palsy Registry and its Role on World CP Day

The Canadian CP Registry helped forge an alliance among cerebral palsy researchers across the country, and supports new insights and understandings of the most common motor disability in children. Established in 2003 in Quebec, Kids Brain Health, then known as NeuroDevNet, funded the expansion of the registry to its current coverage of Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, [...]

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Transforming Treatment of Children with Cerebral Palsy by Focusing on their Abilities

Dr. Verónica Schiariti  is championing the use of an online tool to promote care for children and youth with cerebral palsy (CP) that emphasizes their functional capacities and abilities. Her efforts to transform the way CP is perceived and medically supported began as a Kids Brain Health supported postdoctoral fellow. As a trainee in developmental [...]

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Multiple Barriers Face Francophones with FASD in Ontario

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) resources are a lifeline for families raising children with the neurodisability. But many Francophone families are cut off, simply because those resources can’t be found in French. The Fetal Alcohol Resource Program, a KBHN-funded organization, has been providing FASD resources, education for professionals, and service navigation in the Ottawa region [...]

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Crisis in Care: The Discussion on Transitions for Youth with Disabilities is Far from Over

As young people with disabilities head towards adulthood, they find themselves cut off from familiar health services only to fall through the cracks of a fragmented adult care system. For many families raising children with disabilities, this transition is so abrupt and disorientating that it is described as “falling off the cliff”. While youth with disabilities [...]

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Sharing a Perspective Only a Mother Can Bring to the UN CRPD

Hi, my name is Rachel Martens, a 38 year-old mom of one from Calgary, Alberta, Canada with many hats to wear. I teach crochet, study as a part-time university student, and work as a research assistant for a KBHN-funded project called “Parents Partnering in Research,” (PPR) which is run through the CanChild Centre for Childhood [...]

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