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  • Children's Mental Health Week

Supporting Mental Health in Families Raising Children with Neurodisabilities

Between 40 to 70 percent of children with neurodisabilities struggle with emotional and behavioural problems during their childhood.   Research shows that family mental health is highly interconnected. “The family is a system in which each member affects the others - for good and for bad,” says Dr. Jean-Paul Collet, a Kids Brain Health investigator [...]

May 7th, 2018|News|
  • Opinion

Opinion: How Canada is harming its most vulnerable citizens

An Op-Ed in the Toronto Star penned by KBHN Health Economics Lead Jennifer Zwicker and her colleague Stephanie Dunn asserts the importance of the Disabilities Tax Credit and a coherent approach to disability policy. "Tangled web of disability governance and policy in Canada bodes poorly for Canadians with severe disabilities." At a recent Senate committee [...]

May 4th, 2018|News|
  • Secret Agent Society Computer Game

Study Shows Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can Improve Emotion Regulation in Children with Autism

New research shows cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can help children with autism manage not only anxiety but other emotional challenges, such as sadness and anger. Led by Kids Brain Health researcher Dr. Jonathan Weiss, an associate professor in York University's Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health and CIHR Chair in Autism Spectrum Disorders Treatment and [...]

April 25th, 2018|News|
  • 4-13-2018-12-50-12-PM

KBHN Goes Live with Amber Mac in an Interview about FASD

On April 11, Amber Mac, a prominent television and social media journalist, dedicated a Facebook Live broadcast to the subject of FASD. Interviewees included parent Amanda Taillefer, who is raising two children with FASD in the Toronto area, Deputy Scientific Director James Reynolds, co-lead of the Network's FASD Research Program, Nancy Lockwood, Program Manager for [...]

April 13th, 2018|Event, News|
  • Research_Funding_327227000_921x585_blue_opt

Announcement of Results: KBHN Research Funding 2018-2020

Kids Brain Health Network is delighted to announce recipients of funding for 2018-2020.  This two-year period represents the final stage of KBHN's second five-year cycle as a Network of Centres of Excellence. Successful applications are close to implementation, show likelihood of providing benefits to Canada and Canadians, and demonstrate potential to make significant improvements in [...]

April 13th, 2018|Event, News|
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Scientific & Anecdotal Evidence Show Brain-Healing Potential of Broccoli Sprouts

Can cerebral palsy and other neurodisabilities be prevented? Hear Dr. Jerome Yager speak in Vancouver at BC Children's Hospital Research Institute: April 25, 2018 | 4:30-5:30 p.m. | room A3-131. Does eating broccoli sprouts as part of a whole foods diet make a difference in outcomes for kids with CP, ADHD, autism and other conditions? [...]

February 15th, 2018|News|
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Answering the call: The Chair in Autism Treatment and Care Research

Five years ago, the Canadian autism community told us of urgent need for impactful research that would change the lives of youth with ASD for the better - now. We celebrate Jonathan Weiss, the inaugural chair, explore his legacy, and look toward the future. “…Research is not really helping families on the ground who desperately [...]

February 15th, 2018|News|
  • Paying out of Pocket

Parents Spend Out of Pocket for Access to Treatments while Evidence Base and Funding Lag

Since being diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) at 10 weeks of age, treatment has been a constant in Owen Crumpler’s life. His mother, Karena Crumpler, tried many early interventions including occupational therapy, speech therapy, and acupuncture. By the time Owen turned three, Karena and her husband felt he hadn’t made as much progress as they’d [...]

February 7th, 2018|News|
  • Emily_Travis_crop_921x585_opt

Life with a Neurodisability Goes Beyond the Brain

Emily Travis was 16 when she began to faint regularly. Diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder as a 12 lb., year-old infant, her health trajectory had been atypical from the start. But when Travis told her doctor she suspected the fainting was linked to her FASD, she was met with a dismissive response. “I’d say, [...]

February 7th, 2018|News|
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Supporting Mental Health in Children with Neurodisabilities and their Families

Mounting evidence is showing that oppositional, irritable or explosive behaviour in kids with neurodisabilties is rooted in the mental health of the child, and the child’s family. A recent study points to anxiety, depression and stress in cerebral palsy (CP), factors also seen in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) as the underpinnings of meltdowns, outbursts [...]

February 7th, 2018|News|