Kids Brain Health Network is delighted to announce recipients of funding for 2018-2020.  This two-year period represents the final stage of KBHN’s second five-year cycle as a Network of Centres of Excellence. Successful applications are close to implementation, show likelihood of providing benefits to Canada and Canadians, and demonstrate potential to make significant improvements in the lives of children and families affected by neurodisability.

Project Type Principal Investigator Project Title Funding Amount
PIP Maryam Oskoui ICAN: Integrative Canadian Neurodiversity Platform $200,000
PIP Jennifer Zwicker Service Utilization, Costs, and Impact of Interventions for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disability $200,000
PIP James Reynolds Diagnosis, Intervention and Family Support: Three Pillars to Improving Kids Brain Health $200,000
PIP Jean-Paul Collet Physical Activity Strategies to Enhance Children’s Development and Families’ Resilience: A Knowledge Translation Collaboration with BC Special Olympics $199,150
PIP Jessica Brian Extending the Reach of Early Intervention: Social ABCs Community Translation and Dissemination $200,000
PIP David Nicolas Integrated Navigational Support for Families of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities: A Pilot in Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon $199,992
DIP Geoff Hicks Development of a Genomic Assessment Tool for Early Identification of Infants and Children at Risk for FASD $150,000
TDG Elina Birmingham Intelligent Solutions for Atypical Auditory Processing in Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders $99,865
TDG François Bolduc Canadian Network for the Treatment of Intellectual Disability $100,000
TDG Sarah Lippé Towards Implementation of EEG and NIRS in the Clinic: a National Team $100,000

Project Key

Proto-Impact Projects  identify a team and are ready to move toward impact. It is expected that these Projects will produce impactful deliverables annually, show promise of long-term sustainability, and result in strong team applications within the Network’s submission for renewal funding 2020-2025.

Discovery Impact Projects are ready to deliver results but could use additional support to realize full impact. Projects may be new to the KBHN portfolio, but must be synergistic with previous Network research. Preference was given to projects that will strengthen the Network’s application for renewal funding 2020-2025.

Team Development Grants support the establishment of larger Impact Teams for the Network’s 2020-2025 renewal application. Activities will be focused on development of neurodevelopmental disability community needs/issues, team building, and stakeholder engagement.