Join us January 31 as our KT Manager, Dr. Anneliese Poetz, and KBHN Trainee Stephanie Glegg, a knowledge broker based at Sunny Hill Health Centre in Vancouver, present a skill-building webinar aimed at Kids Brain Health trainees, but useful for budding and experienced researchers and KT professionals alike.

Last summer, Stephanie expanded her knowledge brokering expertise through an in-house exchange with our KT group based at York University’s Knowledge Mobilization Unit. This webinar is an outgrowth of the insights gained and put into practice as a result of the exchange, and is a response to a request from out trainee community for practical tools to use for increasing the impact of their research.

 Practical Tips Webinar: January 31, 2019 | 12:00- 1:30 ET
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Learn what impact of research is and how to achieve it, by purposeful planning and evaluation that involves stakeholders at each stage.
David Phipps (Executive Director, Research Innovation Services, York University) and Anneliese Poetz (Manager of KBHN KT Core) have developed this self-paced online course, to help build Canadian capacity for Knowledge Mobilization expertise and utility for researchers and young professionals.