On May 7th, Health Canada released new and important guidance about people with disabilities and COVID-19. As the nature of some disabilities may put individuals at a higher risk of infection, you’re invited to consult COVID-19 and people with disabilities in Canada. If you have a disability or care for someone who does, this guidance document contains practical things you can do to protect yourself/them from COVID-19. It also contains useful information about mental health, protective equipment, social distancing and COVID-19 testing in the context of living with a disability. For instance, it clarifies the fact that social distancing should not mean that people with disabilities cannot be accompanied by a supportive care person (family, friend or paid staff) in public.

If you would like to know more, you can also all see the following technical guidance on COVID-19 for communities, schools and daycares, health professionals, businesses, industry, death care services, and faith community leaders.