CASDA knows these are unprecedented times for the disability community. They are looking to support families and build a more coordinated sector emerging out of the COVID-19 crisis.

To do so, CASDA is coordinating autism-related data modules and pan-disability data collection initiatives to help select meaningful indicators, mitigate duplication, and ensure that collected information leads to action.

This involves curating a list of surveys for autistic people and their families as well as resources for researchers from our members in the research community. This list is not comprehensive that has not been systematically reviewed.

As of now, CASDA is creating a spreadsheet. Its purpose is to map out data collection initiatives current in development or launched. The contents of this table will be shared publicly with CASDA members, other organizations and researchers in the spirit of collaboration, and the pan-disability coalition for data coordination.

If you choose to participate, you will receive an update with the information of others who are participating as well.

If interested in contributing to the growing list or engaging with those initiatives, please reach out to Jennifer Zwicker ( and Jonathan Lai (

For more information, please visit