Kids Brain Health is a national network of researchers and health professionals dedicated to helping children with neurodisabilities and their families. We fund collaborative research, train the next generation of developmental neuroscientists, and mobilize the knowledge we generate.

Our research makes earlier diagnosis possible. We evaluate new, more effective treatments, find out what works, and explore better ways to support children and their families. Together, we are changing lives.

Early Identification

Early identification is a crucial first step towards treating developmental delays and keeping them from becoming entrenched. The sooner a neurodevelopmental disability is identified, the sooner treatment can begin. Research funded by Kids Brain Health Network is helping break down barriers to access and pushing diagnostic capacity past the toddler years into infancy.

Effective Treatment

Early treatment for neurodevelopmental disabilities in children opens the opportunity for very real progress. New understanding of brain development and neuroplasticity—the brain’s ability to reorganize itself—is leading to more effective interventions and greater impacts. Kids Brain Health Network is working at the cutting edge of treatment, exploring the boundaries of knowledge so that our findings benefit more than one diagnostic category.

Family Support

Families raising children with neurodevelopmental disabilities face challenges that affect almost every aspect of their lives. Research funded by Kids Brain Health Network is identifying the most effective strategies to support parents and caregivers reduce family stress, improve communication, and access resources that help their children realize their full potential.