Inviting all Kids Brain Health-affiliated researchers to join KBHN Headquarters in shaping the future of the Network as we move toward a potential third cycle of funding. We will use the draft text of  KBHN’s evolving value proposition as the basis of our discussion.

Our value propositions is intended to be a clear statement of how our collective work meets our stakeholder’s needs, as well as how we deliver specific, ideally quantifiable value that differentiates the Network from other organizations working in the neurodevelopmental space.

Please plan to participate in one of the following 1.5 hour webinars:

December 5, 12:00 PM Eastern Time

December 7, 12:00 PM Eastern Time

December 12, 12:00 PM Eastern Time

Watch for an e-notification from KBHN with details on accessing these sessions, and a draft of the text we’ll be editing together. If you don’t hear from us, please contact info(AT)