A lot goes into caregiving. Above all it takes love, patience, and compassion.

The Stories for Caregivers Initiative has created a new animated video drawing from themes in “The Unexpected Journey of Caring”, a book co-authored by KBHN Board Member Donna Thomson and Dr. Zachary White. “It’s very relevant to the lived experience of families of children with neurodisabilities, I think,” says Thomson.

Win With Me“, the pilot, is meant to convey that despite feelings of isolation, “caregivers are not alone in their journeys and that there are many on the same path that they can identify with, turn to, and lean on,” according to the Initiative. The short film follows the story of a raccoon and baby eagle and the transformation they go through as the racoon reluctantly embraces the role of caregiver, then pursues it with determination.

“With an accompanying voice-over conveying the lessons and encouragement for new caregivers who are finding themselves on similar paths, we hope to connect with viewers, illustrating a caregiver story via a heart-warming tale,” writes the Initiative. “Win With Me” tells stories of these selfless guides and gives these unsung sport heroes the spotlight they deserve, and hopefully these stories will inspire other athletes to become guides and experience the rewards to “Win With Me.’ ”