On our YouTube and Vimeo channel, we’ve posted instructional webinars as well as videos that explain our research projects and how our findings address the needs and priorities of children and families, as well as people and organizations working at the front lines.


Mindfulness for Teens with ASD and their Parents: Parents and teens talking about the impact of the MYMind project

TEDx YorkUSalon Spectrum: An overview and feedback from audience on the TEDx YorkUSalon

Informing ASD Research with Stakeholder Input: An interview with Jonathan Weiss, Chair in Autism Care and Treatment Research, and participants in one of his stakeholder events


Professional Development Day for Science Teachers: Exploring innovative curriculum with FASD program trainees

Jacob’s Story, a play about FASD : An introduction to “Jacob’s Story” a play inspired by the life of a young boy trying to understand the world around him

My Adult FASD Diagnosis: Nothing Changed. And Everything Changed: This video focuses on the changes one experiences after receiving a diagnosis. The liberation, and clarification that come with finally understanding oneself

My Adult FASD Diagnosis: Clarity for a Man and His Mom: In this video, an individual and his mother speak about living with FASD, and the experience of receiving a diagnosis as an adult

FASD & Stigma: Damaged Angels Can Fly: A first-person account of raising a child with FASD, and what lead one women to drink while pregnant

FASD & Stigma: Why Do Pregnant Women Drink?: Exploring the reasoning behind alcohol consumption in pregnant women, and an emotional story of survival

FASD in First Nations Communities: Educators discuss ways the education system needs to change to better support children with FASD in First Nations communities, particularly in the North

FASD is a Disability: FASD is a physical disability, NOT a behaviour issue. Alcohol consumed during pregnancy damages the development of the fetal brain

FASD Family Support: This video looks at the importance of open discussion and support groups for families of individuals with FASD

FASD Awareness and Prevention: Dr James Reynolds discusses why raising awareness is so important, and understanding the consequences of fetal alcohol exposure

Cerebral Palsy

Exergame for Children/Teens with Cerebral Palsy: This video describes the development of the Exergame, a customized exercycle video game that was designed specifically for children with Cerebral Palsy


Caribbean Quest: Gaming to Improve Attention, Memory and Executive Function