Kids Brain Health Network involves individuals and organizations passionate about helping children with neurodisabilities. Our Board of Directors and vital committees include parents, members of community groups, researchers, health care professionals, as well as businesses, and government. We welcome hearing from interested individuals and organizations.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has a mandate to oversee and steward Kids Brain Health Network. Accountable to the NCE Secretariat, the Board reports twice annually on Kids Brain Health’s activities and progress. In response priorities and opportunities arising, the Board has also created a number of committees to guide various aspects of the Network. Board meetings are held at least four times per year.

The Board comprises twelve to fifteen Directors, who serve one- to three-year terms, renewable for a further term. Directors represent academic, business, and community sectors. Kids Brain Health is fortunate to have an exceptionally qualified and diverse group of Directors, who are rich in experience, and have an active interest in helping Kids Brain Health realize its vision.

Board responsibilities

  • Provide overall guidance on the management of Kids Brain Health operations
  • Provide direction to the strategic plans and objectives of Kids Brain Health
  • Approve Kids Brain Health business plans, budgets, and financial reports
  • Review the recommendations of the Scientific Advisory Board and the Research Management Committee

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Research Management Committee

Kids Brain Health Network’s Research Management Committee is a standing advisory committee to the Board of Directors responsible for providing oversight and direction on the execution and progress of Network research programs and projects.

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International Scientific Advisory Committee

The International Scientific Advisory Committee is an external group of individuals with expertise in Kids Brain Health Network’s areas of focus. The committee the CEO and Scientific Director, as well as the Network’s Research Management Committee (RMC) and Board of Directors on research planning and strategy, including optimizing the selection of projects supported by KBHN and recommending ways to maximize the impact of research results.

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Research Training Committee

The Research Training Committee (RTC) is an advisory and decision-making body that ensures Kids Brain Health Network’s Training Program serves the needs of network trainees and investigators and fulfills the NCE goal of building capacity in the next generation of academic and citizen scientist leaders.

RTC members backgrounds include basic and clinical academic research, clinical and front-line care, as well as key positions in social & community organizations. This dedicated group develops and selects training events/workshops, internships and practicum placements, and confers trainee awards.

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Nicky Lewis
James Reynolds
Doug Swanson
Alice Sze
Sharon Weerpass
Mischa Milne

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Scientific Officer
Research and Training Manager
Finance Manager
Executive Assistant and Governance Coordinator
Communications Coordinator